Forensic Building Studies

Building Surveys

Rain or flood waters entering a property generally causes concerns, including property damages, potentialliabilities and health implication due to exposure to microorganisms or other pollutants.

As water or moisture remains in the building unabated, conditions often deteriorate, particularly if mitigation is not promptly initiated. Understanding the cause and point of intrusion of the water is the first element to address; otherwise mitigation efforts could become fruitless if recurrent water intrusion events occur.

CIHES assists clients in identifying affected areas utilizing state of the art FLIR Thermal Image Infrared Cameras along with various types of moisture meters suitable for each building material. These instruments provide immediate moisture levels results which are imperative in properly delineating of extend of the water intrusion and quantifying the degree of moisture saturation on building materials. The field data also serves to verify restoration efforts being conducted by mitigation contractors or building management. This is known as a third party independent monitoring, routinely used by clients to monitoring contractors during mitigation (water extraction or drying process). It also provides verification of acceptable conditions upon completion of tasks by visual inspection, moisture tests and microbiological surface and air studies.

CIH ES provides water intrusion evaluations 24 hours a day using state of the art equipment to serve clients, contractors and insurance companies.


Hurricane Vulnerability Audits

Hurricane season runs from June through November. If disaster strikes, inadequate preparations can result in heavy personal and financial loss. CIH Environmental Solutions can assess disaster protection programs, ensuring that necessary requirements are met to limit company loss and liability.

Hurricane assessments conducted by CIH Environmental Solutions personnel include site visits and emergency operating procedure overview. During the review process, CIH Environmental Solutions will evaluate escape routes, evacuation guides, and utility shut-off procedures (this includes electrical, gas and domestic water). Shut-off procedures are especially critical because natural gas leaks, electricity malfunctions, fires, and explosions can create liability issues following a disaster.

Site visits include inspection of windows and door shutters. Roofs are also inspected and rated for potential vulnerabilities. Among these vulnerabilities is susceptibility to water damage, which can cause microbial (bacteria and mold) contamination and physically damage important records within the office.

To protect businesses from damage, building inspection, maintenance and other preventive actions are available through our Hurricane Vulnerability Building Assessments. All procedures photographically document site conditions and storage practices (in the event insurance claims need be made).

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