Since July 10, 2015, New York reported 108 individuals with Legionnaires’disease;  101 of them hospitalized while 10 individuals deceased.  These patients were apparently all connected to the current cluster of contamination.  This cluster is large enough to worry building owners and managers.  While some are reacting, others already have proactive water monitoring by an independent third party in place.

We are pleased to announce that the South Florida building community has been relying on CIH Environmental Solutions to monitor their water systems for nearly two decades with its own in house CDC approved ELITE Laboratory in partnership with RAMS Environmental Laboratory Inc.  Many building owners and managers, including those from prestigious medical facilities, depend on the CIHES expert team’s cost-effective monthly Legionella monitoring since 1997.

Water systems, such as potable hot water, cooling tower and Jacuzzi's, are the most common locations where bacteria lies and thrives, particularly since the bactteria amplifies in warm water conditions.

CIHES does not sell water treatment chemicals or service water systems; we focus on the environmental health and sustainability of your property.
Water quality assessments are supervised by a qualified environmental health expert, a Diplomate from the American Board of Industrial Hygiene with over 30 years of experience in Legionnella assessments, half of those years assessing buildings in NYC!
CIHES is available 24/7 to collect and analyze your building’s water quality systems, producing expeditious and confidential water analysis reports.

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