Mitigation Counsulting

CIH assists building owners to restore damaged properties by providing an independent unbias three phase approach. The first phase includes an initial assessment of the site conditions and preparation of a remediation protocol. Once the qualified contractor to carryout the mitigation is on board, CIH personnel monitors the remediation procedures documenting conditions and scope addjustments as needed reporting directly tot he building owner/manager. The final phase includes, commonly known as "clearance" envolves assessing the clean up procedures effectivess providing a detail report of findings and finilizing the mitigation process.


CIH assists clients in mitigation efforts when mold cotamiantion is detected. The three phase approcuh used for mold related services include initial assessment with abatement protocol praratation, monitoring during the remediationa nd final clearance following guidelines set by authoritative bodies such as the NYCDOH, authored of the “Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environment.


CIH assists clients in evaluating asbestos contamining building materials prior to site acquisitions or prior to renovations activities as requried by Government Agencies. The expedited services provided by CIHES are conducted by Licenced Asbestos Inspectors. The first phase of the asbestos mitigation process must always include the verification of the materials. Once abatment is required CIHES assist clients in monitoring the remediation process including collecting air samples for final clearance.

Fire related

CIH assists clients with fire ralated property damages by conducting an initial evalautionof the affected areas following state-of-the-art procedures set by widelly acceptable organizations. Initial assessment soften include sampling of soot or fire related debris and processing teh samples to validate contaminant verification and if needed potential source. Samples are submitted to laboratories with personnel trained by the prestigious Mc Crone Institute of Chigcago en Particle Morphology Technics. The entire process is monitored by a Board Certified Industrial Hyginiest (CIH) with ample experience in fire related damage evalautions. When needed a remediation protocol is prepared and site abatement and final clearance sis conducted.


Rain or flood waters entering a property generally causes concerns, including property damages, potential liabilities and health implication due to exposure to microorganisms or other pollutants. As water or moisture remains in the building unabated, conditions often deteriorate, particularly if mitigation is not promptly initiated. A three step approcuh is often formulated and consisits of an initial survey which includes a mitigation protocol, monitoring during mitigation and final clearance upon completion of remedial actions.

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