Training: Knowledge Sharing

An important aspect in the field of Indoor Environmental Quality is knowledge and understanding of concepts, both basic and advanced. CIH Environmental Solutions provides educational seminars and training classes in a variety of subjects which can serve as either a foundation or continued education for environmental professionals.

These seminars and classes are customized to fit the specific needs of the audience and assist individuals in understanding and identifying potential indoor environmental quality issues and their sources as well as taking steps to correct or prevent these problems. All seminars and classes are taught by professionals with expertise and ample experience in their respective fields

Academic Courses

CIH staff provides courses to educational institutions. Our extensive background and experience is offered to young professionals and stakeholders, making a significant contribution to the future of the industry.


Our policy is to promote sustainability in every field. That is why CIH Environmental Solutions organizes informative seminars to professionals interested in expanding their boundaries and have the necessary knowledge to certificate, operate and maintain new and existent buildings.

Guest speaker talks

Armando Chamorro's extensive experience in the industry, places CIH Environmental Solutions in an important position to be invited as guest speakers at special events and seminars.


An understanding of building ventilation is essential to maintain proper indoor air quality conditions. Ventilation helps control occupant exposure to airborne hazards while providing thermal comfort. CIHES provides training for the ventilation standard established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE 62). Our presentation focuses on an overview of the standard. An abundant amount of photographic documentation aids the audience to grasp some of the key concerns of the standard. Case studies are presented to illustrate and exemplify some of the standard’s rigorous points. The class also provides some examples of how building occupancy changes, occupant habits, and reduction on maintenance activities can adversely impact the indoor air quality conditions.

SEMINARS – Indoor Environmental Quality

CIH believes taht It is important for building staff to be knowledgeable about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues, including mold awareness. Therefore, proper training is crucial to escential for healthy building conditions. According to the USEPA, typically, facility personnel are not trained to think about IAQ issues as they go about their work, even though their perspective is often helpful. For example, staff may observe unsanitary conditions, blocked vents, evidence of leaks in tenant spaces or other indicators of potential IAQ problems and fail to recognize their importance. CIHES provides training to building personnel about IAQ issues, allowing them to recognize potential problems before they cause harm while creating an environment that contributes to productivity, comfort, and a sense of health and well being.

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